Vision Statement

Our vision for the local community: Every student in the local community shall realize his/her full potential in higher education regardless of social or economic constraints.

To maintain the spirit of the Fund, the NTSAF professional and student staff conduct high school and community college visits to bring awareness of the scholarship. In addition, Topping Scholars and Fellows are required to conduct at least five of their total twenty hours of service every semester, conducting either outreach or recruitment pertaining to higher education. In most cases, Topping scholars and Fellows fulfill these hours in collaboration with the NTSAF Outreach efforts.

Target Schools

The original spirit of the Fund was to provide low income students from the surrounding community tuition assistance for them to attend the University of Southern California. In light of this history, the NTSAF has identified local high schools and community colleges as target schools. Students residing in the areas around these schools receive priority consideration in the selection process. Please note that this aspect of the selection criteria does not guarantee selection as a Topping Scholar or Fellow. The target schools as identified by our university parameters are:

High Schools

Abraham Lincoln Senior High School
Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School
Crenshaw High School
Downtown Business Magnet High School
Foshay Learning Center
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School
Los Angeles Leadership Academy
Manual Arts High School

Math, Science, Technology Magnet High School
Orthopedic Medical Magnet High School
Susan Miller Dorsey High School
Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
Thomas Jefferson High School
Wallis Annenberg High School
Woodrow Wilson Senior High School
Sacred Heart High School

Community Colleges

East Los Angeles Community College
Southwest Community College
Los Angeles Trade Tech College

Request a Visit

Aside from the target schools, NTSAF works with other high schools and community colleges throughout the greater Los Angeles area to bring awareness of our scholarship. High school counselors are encouraged to request an onsite visit and presentation. To do so, please submit the appropriate information below: