Digital Outreach Kit

Hello Students, Educators, and Potential Applicants,

Please use the resources gathered here to share the Topping Scholarship opportunity with any and all interested students. If you have questions, or need more info, please email us at

A few more stats about Topping…

  • $850,000 given in scholarships last year
  • 100% graduation rate for first-time freshmen
  • 150 awardees in 2020
  • 5% acceptance rate
  • The Topping Fund is in its 50th year
  • Founded by students, funded by students, and governed by a student-majority Board
  • 1/3 of Topping Scholars are transfer students
  • 40% are from neighborhoods surrounding USC’s campuses
  • 98% of Topping students are of the first-generation in their family to attend college